Leopards are known for their excellent speed, but these “killers” still have a lot of useful skills when hunting.
The first thing to mention will certainly be their unparalleled camouflage ability. Like the leopard in the video below, although the prey is already in the attack range, it is still patient with its camouflage to wait for the real opportunity to become clearer.

And of course those efforts paid off. The leopard flies from the top of the tree, breaking the leaves to rush straight into the antelope feeding below. Lightning-fast action and extremely decisive, it’s like a killer assassin.

Not stopping at defeating the prey in the blink of an eye, the sudden appearance of the leopard also caused the unpleasant neighbors, the baboons, to have a panic attack, they just unknowingly roared a little and then quickly quickly retreated from leopards (baboons and leopards are considered natural enemies).

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